The System

R:EVOLVE Soundsystem

The Hog Scoops:

The stars of R:EVOLVE Soundsystem are without doubt our 4 Hog Scoops. Custom built in the UK by Insomnia sound systems from an independent design by Stipe Ercegovic. These bass bins are currently cooking up a storm amongst soundsystem owners and enthusiasts in the UK and we are proud to be one of the first UK soundsystems to own 4 Hog Scoops.

  • 2 x HOGs @ 1200w 8 ohm VOID Acoustics V-18 1200 drivers
  • 2 x HOGs @ 1000w 8 ohm VOID Acoustics V-18 1000 drivers

HD15 kickbins:

To give our bass punch and definition we use 4 HD15 kickbins. These are loaded with Precision Devices drivers for unrivalled bass quality.

  • 4 x HD15's @ 650w 8 ohm PRECISION DEVICES PD156 drivers

VOID Impulse Midtops:

Handling the mid and high frequencies we have 4 VOID Acoustics Impulse 4 speakers. VOID Acoustics are one of UKs most prominent pro audio manufacturers with their research and development lead by none other than Rog Mogale of speakerplans.com.

  • 4 x VOID Impulse @ 400w 8 ohm / MF : 98 dB 1w/1m, HF : 105 dB 1w/1m