DJ's & Crew

Milo - After giving birth to R:EVOLVE soundsystem in the basment of a dingy Bradford terrace, Milo can usually be found playing with racks of amps, or failing that he'll be producing wobbly dubstep tracks!

Crystal GEF - With a motto of 'If it ain't broke... Break it!' Geoff can always be found ensuring breakbeats-a-plenty on R:EVOLVE soundsystem. If nothing else, you'll probably recognise him as that voice that directs you to the parties!

Safe Dave - When things start go go wrong you can guarantee Dave will be first on the scene to save the day. He's also the one that takes care of all the funky lighing that keeps the vibe just right!

miss Kittyflip - Organiser extraordinaire, when everyone needs a bit of kicking into action Lucy's the one to do it! She also helps keep R:EVOLVE at its wobblyist with her mix of Dubstep/Breaks.

Lix - So much more than bunting and fairy lights, the wise owl of the crew that keeps everything in check!

ShitMe - Our very own self confessed "little shit", but don't let that put you off... Ryan always gets the crowd bouncing with his energetic D&B sets - he'll even get your nan on the dancefloor!

There's loads more people that make up the R:EVOLVE team, who all contribute in their own way! Here's a few of them:
Beeblebrox, DanR, DannyW, JamesD, lkewis, Rob, Ross, Sol